Dear Parents,
Welcome Back!
The final days of summer are here and the administration, staff and teachers are busy preparing for the opening of the school year 2016-2017.
We know that you as parents are eager to get settled into a new year and have your family back on a schedule. So you are gathering stationery items, uniforms and other key things that will be needed to be well prepared for the beginning.
All summer we have prayed that each of our students and families have had a good summer. Time to enjoy vacation time and other family adventures that many times cannot be done during the year.
We look forward to seeing everyone and thank you for your interest in Our Lady of Hope and how you support us.
The following information will give you additional help in preparing for the opening of school.
May the remaining days of summer be restful, safe and enjoyable.

God bless you,
Sister Paula M. Randow, Principal



We continue to use the school website to provide communication for our families. The new diocesan system to replace Cornerstone is now ready for our families to register and learn the class assignment for your child/children. The new program is entitled RenWeb.


On the school website locate the RenWeb direction sheet. Please be sure your email address is correct that we have in the system. Follow the directions for logging in. If you have difficulty setting up your information, please feel free to contact school. [ ACCESSING RENWEB ]

Instant Alert

For our new families, you have been entered onto the Instant Alert System. However, it is important that you go onto and review and update information so that you will receive all the alerts that will be sent out from the school during the year. A direction sheet is available on the school website if you need assistance.

For our families returning it is important to also review the information for Honeywell.


>The following links are also available on the website:

School will officially open on Tuesday, September 6.

September 6-7 dismissal 11:30

September 8-9 full days

After Care is available beginning on the first day.

New Faculty Members

Mrs. Hoopes resigned her position as our Art Teacher.

I believe everyone was aware that Mr. O'Neill resigned in June and Mrs. Tannock retired.

One of our goals is to provide more experience for all our students in Science through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Mrs. Cardamone will be teaching Art and STEAM to our students this coming year. More details to follow.

Mrs. Esposito will be teaching 5th grade this year. and will have 5A homeroom.  

Mrs. Lisa Crowley has been hired as the sixth grade teacher of Science of Grades 6-8 and she will have 6A homeroom.

Mr. Zachary Rosica is our new Physical Education and Health teacher.

Ms McGuckin was married in July and she is now Mrs. Secula.   Congratulations!

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