Our Lady of Hope Regional School’s Fall Book Fair will be held the week of November 7th through 11th in the school gym. There will be a large assortment of books including pre-school and early reading books, popular titles and series, favorite authors, award winning books, holiday books, and craft and hobby books.

Additional information regarding the Book Fair as well as a brochure highlighting some of the books being featured this fall will be sent home the week of October 31st.

If you would like to help with the Fall Book Fair and have met the fingerprinting requirements, please call and leave a message for me with the office at school.  

Mrs. Rocco

Dear Parents,
We are well into the new school year. The students have settled into the schedule and routes of the day, focusing on doing their very best each day. The teachers are guiding the students in best practices that will help them grasp and master skills and lessons for their grade level.
As we begin this month of October it is always good to remember all the saints we celebrate during this month so that we have other connections who will intercede for us with God. We recall that October is Respect Life month, when we pray that all life from birth conception until natural death is respected by everyone. Life is a gift from God and we need to respect and give thanks to God for that gift.
As we remind our students of the importance of Respect for life, we correlate this with qualities that form our character and values. So this first week of October we will reflect on Respect as one of the most important characters or values that should be a part of our life. The students will learn about what the definition of respect and how we live this virtue/character each day with everyone.
During this month the teachers will work with their class to determine who will be their patron saint for this year. This is in anticipation of the Feast of All Saints on November 1.
May all the Saints we honor this month, Our Blessed Mother, St. Teresa, St. Francis of Assisi, St. John Paul II and St. Jude intercede for us and provide blessings for us each day.
Sister Paula M. Randow, Principal

Respect Week

As a Catholic School Gospel values are the foundation for all that we do.   As we live the Commandments especially the two greatest Commandments to Love God and others, Respect is synonymous with this call to Love. During this week students will learn about and participate in activities that will give special focus to Respect. An email was sent out last week to inform you of one of the activities that relates to the 4 pillars. Each unit (K-2), (3-5), (6-8) will be permitted to wear a solid color shirt based on the colors that were given. The students wear these shirts on Thursday with either gym shorts or gym sweatpants.   It is not a dress down day that we allow on other occasions.


This is just a reminder that if you have to take your child/children earlier than when we dismiss from the gym @ 2:35 then please send a note to the teacher and ask the teacher to have your child sent to the office by 2:25, sign them out then you may leave. Waiting in the vestibule has become a concern because sometimes parents just take their child out of line and the teacher is not aware. This is a safety concern for us. We appreciate your assistance in resolving this situation.

Dress code Change

On Tuesday, October 18 students will be required to wear the regular school uniform and on gym days the gym uniform of tee shirt, sweatshirt and sweat pants. The shorts and the summer uniform will not be worn again until the spring.


We would like to emphasize the importance of putting names on student clothing such as sweat shirts, jacks, lunch containers, and any items that could be lost or left behind. Students in the After Care program leave clothing behind at times because they change clothes.

I know you tell your children to be responsible for their belongings, so a few reminders to them will help keep the number of items down to a minimum. We know that the cost of school uniforms can be expensive so labeling will help to keep the cost under control.

Room Mothers/ Information for School Events

The list of room mothers for this year is now on the school website. The oldest/only child in the family was given a letter that explains the fees for the year for the class parties and other events for which we are requesting a donation. The fees have increased to eliminate asking for additional funds during the year for such events. Please send the bottom portion of the letter back with your payment no later than Friday, October 7.

Tuition and Fees

Just a reminder that payments began in July for tuition and other fees. Please be sure that these payments are kept up to date to avoid late fees or notices sent to you.


Though Religion classes reflect on the lives of Saints which is the true meaning of the Eve of November 1, known as Hallows Eve, we also want the students to enjoy the events of Halloween. The annual parade will be on October 31 @ 1pm, followed by class parties until 2pm. We encourage our parents when choosing a costume for your children to focus on costumes that do not depict violence. Students are permitted to dress down for this day. We remind everyone of the dress code and what is permitted to be worn on this day. Fall colors and special Halloween shirts may be worn. No sport shirts or colors that are not within the color guidelines already stated. If you child/children dress down we ask for a $1 donation which will be sent to Ronald McDonald House to help families who have a child in CHOP suffering from a serious illness.

Fall Festival

Each year the PTA and School Board evaluate the fundraising events of the past year and plan events for the new school year. This year they have planned a special weekend which will be family events. Saturday will focus on the students and Sunday for the adults. Information has been placed on the website and a reminder will be sent home this week to share and encourage our families to attend. We always need volunteers for these events so please let the PTA board know which day or days you will be able to help.

We look forward to seeing everyone for this first of many such events.


We ask our parents to be patient as we continue to learn about and implement this new program.

If you have difficulty with retrieving any of your child/children’s information please let us know. With all the training the administration and faculty have had all summer there has been issues that have to be corrected. We will continue to work with you so that we are all comfortable with the components of this program.


  • 4- Feast of St. Francis of Assisi- Mass 8am
  • 5- Grade 8 students visit Paul VI H.S.
  • 6- Students wear special color shirt for Respect Week
  • 7- Feast of the Holy Rosary- 1st Friday Mass 8am. Staff Dev. 11:30 dismissal
  • 10- Columbus Day- School Holiday
  • 13- Deficiency Notices issued/ K-2 trip to Storybook Land
  • 14- Fire Prevent Program PreK4 9am; Kindergarten trip to Fire Station 10:30; Grade 8 visits Gloucester Catholic H.s.
  • 15-Fall Festival for children 12 noon until 4pm
  • 16- Fall Festival for adults 12noon until 4pm
  • 17- Teacher In-Service Day- No classes for students; Pre K 4 will have class
  • 18- Grade 6-8 students will participate in High School Fair 8-11:45;Fire Prevention Program for Grades 1-3 @9:30 and Pre K3 @ 10:15; Grade 8 Bake Sale
  • 27- Junk in the Trunk 6:30-8pm.

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